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  • “…creative and outside of the box solutions to pinpoint the most efficient, heartfelt and musical way to play the flute.”
  • “…Ms. LeGrand’s remarkable imagination—and capacity for original thought—is of such acuity that she is a continual surprise. Humor and hilarity are also staples in her teaching. The poet Shelley says that ’the great instrument of moral good is the imagination’; for me this explains Ms. LeGrand’s magic”
  • “…a unique ability to quickly identify obstacles preventing a player’s growth and address the root of the problem.”
  • “She is able to easily adjust her teaching style to fit the needs of all levels of player, from the beginner to the established professional.”
  • “Catherine LeGrand’s teaching is intuitive, innovative, intelligent, sprinkled with kindness and humor.”
  • “I never cease to be amazed by her approach to teaching fundamental concepts of flute playing and musicianship.”
  • “She taught me how to practice in a detailed and efficient way and she gave me a strong foundation in every aspect of flute playing”
  • “Her knowledge of the flute and wind playing transcends both the flute and wind playing.”
  • “…any improvement I continue to make comes from working on implementing her excellent concepts of breathing and phrasing…She is an excellent and unique teacher of ideas that work.”
  • “She is ingenious and enjoys inventing creative ways of communicating her techniques.”
  • “Her students reap the benefits of inventive flute pedagogy, an insightful approach to efficient breathing and use of the body, in addition to artistic interpretation that can only described as ‘right on’.”
  • “We can already tell a huge difference in the playing habits of our students.”
  • “I have never met a more perceptive and innovative person. Both students and their teachers will highly benefit from Catherine’s help, and I strongly urge you to take advantage of her abilities!”