2018 Improvisation Workshops


Daryl Kessler will lead these summer workshops introducing the basics of improvisation. These workshops will give you the opportunity to break away from your regular studies and further advance these important skills: listening, recognizing musical structures, and playing with a variety of tone colors and textures. Explore multiple musical genres:  blues, popular music, new age, etc.

Daryl makes improv both fun and easy! I encourage you to participate! Hope to see you there!

Message from Daryl:

“Musical improvisation is fun. It’s truly easy. And, regardless of your focus and primary interest as a musician, will help you become a BETTER musician in ways that can’t be duplicated by traditional study and practice.
These workshops introduce a wide variety of ways in which you can participate and enjoy improvisation on your instrument – alone, and/or with other musicians.
These workshops are designed specifically to alleviate any anxiety that often accompanies early attempts at improvisation.
These workshops are relaxed, and suitable for musicians of all experience/skill levels.
Price for each workshop is a mere $25. Cash or checks accepted the day of class, or in advance if preferred.
Class size is limited, so sign up soon – they often fill up fast!
Please email me with the dates you can attend.” (see address below).
Improv Workshops Schedule, Saturdays at 3:00-4:30:
  • Jun 23 (great intro, but not a prerequisite for other classes)
  • Jul 14
  • Jul 28
  • Aug 11
  • Sep 1
Questions? Write Daryl at kesslerdaryl@gmail.com or call/text at 919.724.6508

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