Creative, dedicated, genuine and encouraging – these are words that I would use to describe Catherine Legrand… As a teacher, she concentrates on finding creative and outside of the box solutions to pinpoint the most efficient, heartfelt and musical way to play the flute. She not only focuses on technical aspects of flute playing; she finds a way to weave mind/body awareness techniques and life lessons into her teaching…The lessons that I learned while studying with Catherine have helped me on and off the stage. A perceptive mentor, she will always be an integral part of my life; someone who truly focused on helping me to be the best person and flutist that I could possibly be.
–Elisabeth Hays Nisley
M.M. Longy School of Music, Flute Performance
B.M. University of Cincinnati, College-Conservatory of Music, Flute Performance

Ms. LeGrand’s remarkable imagination—and capacity for original thought—is of such acuity that she is a continual surprise. Humor and hilarity are also staples in her teaching. The poet Shelley says that ’the great instrument of moral good is the imagination’; for me this explains Ms. LeGrand’s magic”
–Kenneth Grigg
Pianist. Collaborator, Coach

Catherine LeGrand has been a tremendous influence on my playing and teaching. She possesses a unique ability to quickly identify obstacles preventing a player’s growth and address the root of the problem. This ability is not limited to the physical aspects of performing, but also musical and emotional roadblocks that may be holding a player back…She is able to easily adjust her teaching style to fit the needs of all levels of player, from the beginner to the established professional. – Linda Nielsen Korducki
DMA in Flute Performance, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Faculty, Cardinal Stritch University
Principal Flute, Fox Valley Symphony

Catherine LeGrand’s teaching is intuitive, innovative, intelligent, sprinkled with kindness and humor. She always offers unique and invaluable insights into the whole musician that you are!
–Jennifer Keeney
Affiliate Artist of Flute, University of Houston
Creative Flutist Studio, Houston, TX

I have studied with Catherine and watched her teach for more than ten years. I never cease to be amazed by her approach to teaching fundamental concepts of flute playing and musicianship. She routinely finds innovative and highly effective ways to teach the same concepts. The most joyous part is that her students are able carry out their intentions in the music.  Regardless of the level of the student – a young beginner, an adult amateur, a college student, or a seasoned professional – she is able to help them sound better, feel more comfortable physically, and gain confidence both in playing and in life. Catherine is always able to describe the big picture of the task at hand and then lead the student to improve their approach to playing. Student’s leave lessons with new tools to use for practice and physical concepts to integrate.
–John Markert
M.M., Indiana University
Houston, TX area public school teacher 

Catherine LeGrand is an inspirational teacher and musician…She taught me how to practice in a detailed and efficient way and she gave me a strong foundation in every aspect of flute playing….Catherine instills confidence in her students through encouragement, motivation and inspiration in lessons. I was enthusiastic in my practice because I left each lesson inspired to explore the ideas that were discussed in the lesson. Catherine is extremely dedicated and committed to her students… I constantly see the influence of Catherine LeGrand, both in my playing and teaching style. I was fortunate enough to have a teacher like Catherine LeGrand and I feel a responsibility to pass on the knowledge that I was given from such an extraordinary teacher.
–Sabrina Hu
Flutist and Artistic Director, Walled City Music Festival
D.M.A. Michigan State University
M.M., Royal Northern College of Music, England
B.M. Mannes College of Music, student of Keith Underwood

Her knowledge of the flute and wind playing transcends both the flute and wind playing.
–Kelly Love, saxophone 

Catherine LeGrand has changed my playing from habits that didn’t work well, to ways to play that work beautifully. Even though it has been several years since I studied with her, any improvement I continue to make comes from working on implementing her excellent concepts of breathing and phrasing…She is an excellent and unique teacher of ideas that work.
–Kathy Johnston
Former student and Private Teacher
Lake Jackson, TX 

Catherine LeGrand is an inspiring artist who cares about people and ideas. She is ingenious and enjoys inventing creative ways of communicating her techniques. As a teacher she effectively diagnoses and solves specific problems through (sometimes unusual) exercises and maintains a sense of interest in her subject. Catherine has a wide pool of knowledge and resources which she enjoys using to encourage and guide other musicians. She believes in making free and expressive music while retaining the essential elements of technique and the composer’s intent… She is a uniquely gifted musician and teacher who is a joy to study with.
–Laura Philbrick Mason
Former student and Private Teacher Virginia 

What Catherine LeGrand has developed is quite unique and interesting: she works on bodily processes to improve tone, articulation, and musical expression.

The breathing, articulation, and vibrato exercises she demonstrated with our students have been exceptionally beneficial both to me and to the students. We can already tell a huge difference in the playing habits of our students. Catherine has helped me to refine my own listening skills as I try to identify exactly what she is listening for as she works on tone quality with each student.

It is fascinating to experience someone operating on an extremely high level of awareness while working with young musicians. She is inspiring to watch. 
–James Drew
Band Director, Fort Bend ISD, TX
Counselor, MA, LPC 

Having worked in tandem with Catherine LeGrand over the past two decades, the best student musicians that I have been privileged to produce during my twenty-seven year career as a band director have been those who were taught cooperatively by the two of us. Her students reap the benefits of inventive flute pedagogy, an insightful approach to efficient breathing and use of the body, in addition to artistic interpretation that can only described as “right on”.

Catherine LeGrand has been a great inspiration to me and to my students.
–Ronald Todd
Fine Arts Supervisor, Band Director, Clinician
Angleton ISD, TX 

I have worked with Catherine for 15 years now… I have never met a more perceptive and innovative person. Both students and their teachers will highly benefit from Catherine’s help, and I strongly urge you to take advantage of her abilities!
–Nathan Carter
Author of “Fundamentals and Technique for Band”
Band Director, Fort Bend ISD, TX


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